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History of Zeta Zeta Lambda Chapter

Zeta Zeta Lambda Chapter has been an active part of the Saint Albans, Queens Community since its inception on April 24, 1955.  Like many chapters across the country, the chapter was established by two men walking down the street talking about the need for an Alpha Phi Alpha chapter in Queens.  After discussion, an article was posted in the Amsterdam News for interested Brothers to meet in Queens, at the house of a brother.


The chapter's founding members are Bro. Alfred Abramson, Bro. Daniel Bailey, Bro. George Barzey, Bro. Matthew Bowie, Bro. Emsar Bradford, Bro. Theodore Childs, Bro. Haye Clifford, Bro. Thomas Coleman, Bro. Frank Dixon, Bro. Arthur Gilmer, Bro. James Hariston, Bro. Eric Headly, Bro. Wilburn Holland, Bro. Richard Jackson, Bro. Thomas Jordan, Bro. Albert B. Kelsey, Bro. William Lester, Bro. Luther Mimms, Bro. George Sample, Bro. Hale Thompson, Bro. Joseph Thompson, Bro. Norman Vaughn, Bro. Whitney Yenwith.


Through our countless community service projects, 501©3 organizations and dedications to the  people of our community we have made the name Alpha Phi Alpha greatly respected and supported in the Queens, NY and beyond. 



Over the past year, the Zeta Zeta Lambda Chapter has conducted over thirty (30) service and social projects ranging from fundraising efforts for organizations such as the March of Dimes, American Cancer Society and scholarships for our college brothers and high school seniors, to social, health and economic programs such as our Mother’s Dream Scholarship Gospel Brunch, Healthy Man – Free Men’s Health Screening program and our Hurricane Sandy Food and Clothing Drives.


While our service is to all mankind, the Zeta Zeta Lambda Chapter also focuses on developing our own young brothers into the leaders of tomorrow. We serve as the advising alumni chapter to two college chapters: Theta Epsilon - ΘΕ (St. John’s University) and Rho Rho - PP (Stony Brook University) chapters. We pride ourselves on providing sound advice, direction and maintaining healthy developmental relationships with our college brothers.  Each Chapter President of the college chapters we advise, has a position on our Chapter’s Executive Board. Our college chapter brothers attend our monthly meetings and provide an update on their chapter activities. This provides an opportunity for our college brothers to learn how a successful chapter conducts the business of Alpha. To further foster a good relationship, our Chapter hosts its monthly Executive Board meetings on the St. John’s University campus and allows our college brothers to attend and participate.


 As one of the largest chapters in the first state of Alpha, Zeta Zeta Lambda works collectively to facilitate the fraternity’s national programs; A Voteless People is a Hopeless People, Go to High School Go to College, Project Alpha, and the Brother’s Keeper programs. We have worked together with over twenty local and national organizations to conduct both our Fraternity’s National Programs and Chapter

developed programs to enrich the quality of lives in all sectors of our community. Our goals are continuously developed based on the needs of the community and the high expectations of Chapter. Our goal is to ensure that we address the needs of people in our community across a wide section of ages, races and genders, etc.

Present Highlights

Chapter Awards

Eastern Region Alumni Chapter of the Year - 2023, 2024

NYACOA Chapter of the Year - 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015​, 2016, 2020, 2022, 2023

March of Dimes Project Alpha Chapter of the Year – 2003, 2007

Charles H. Wesley Chapter of the Year in conjunction with Theta Epsilon NYACOA – 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2014

Charles H. Wesley Chapter of the Year in conjunction with Theta Epsilon Eastern Region - 2011

UNCF, Inc. of Greater New York 2018 Community Service Award

South Carolina State University National Alumni Association 2018 Garnet and Blue Award

Bro. Congressman Gregory Meeks - U.S. Representative for New York's 5th District

Bro. Dr. Charles Kidd - Former President of CUNY York College

Bro. Senator Leroy Comrie – New York State Senator for the 14th Senate District

​Bro. Lacy Ray Jr. – Alpha Phi Alpha Alumni Brother of the Year 1973

Bro. Lewis Hurst – Pan Hellenic Frater of the Year and NYACOA Brother of the Year 2003

Bro. Milton Woodard – NYACOA Brother of the Year 2000

Bro. Lucien Metellus – Pan Hellenic Frater of the Year  2001, Eastern Region Life Member of the Year 2007, Past National Parliamentarian,

                                       7th NYACOA President, 28th Eastern Region Vice President, 37th General President

Bro. James Conley – Project Alpha Brother of the Year 2004

Bro. Rev. Darren Morton - NYACOA Brother of the Year 2009, Eastern Region Alumni Brother of the Year, Alpha Phi Alpha Alumni Brother of the Year 2010,                                                   24th Eastern Region Vice President  & 2nd NYACOA President

Bro. Malik Goodson - NYACOA Brother of the Year 2010,  Eastern Region Alumni Brother of the Year 2011,  NYACOA First Vice President 2014 - 2018,

                                     & 9th NYACOA President

Bro. Steven P. Cuffey - 4th NYACOA President

Bro. Keith M. Price - 6th NYACOA President

Bro. Erik Tejada - NYACOA Brother of the Year 2018

Bro. Gordon Miller - Eastern Region Treasurer

Bro. James Fletcher - NYACOA Treasurer

Bro. Tommie Hill - NYACOA Brother of the Year 2019

Bro. David C. Cephus - NYACOA Associate Editor to the Sphinx

Distinguished members  of Zeta Zeta Lambda

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